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Testing and Certification

Tufwud® fire doors are 1-hr and 2-hr Fire Rated certified as per IS:3614 - Part II for all three test Criteria: Stability, Integrity & Insulation. Infact, Tufwud Firedoor was tested at the National Test house and exceeded all the testing standards.
IS3614 Certification Test Results

Tufwud Firedoor being tested at the National Test House, Salt Lake

Fire Door Specifications for 60 minutes and 120 minutes:
  • 45/50 mm thick asbestos free composite shutter that checks fire, heat and smoke; for 60/120 minutes conforming to BS 476 Part-22/IS 3614 Part II.
  • Prototype tested at National Test House and CBRI, Roorkee
  • Two non-combustible boards sandwich 25/27 mm thick insulation fire resistant filter. The boards are faced with 4 mm fire retardant ply on both faces and treated hardwood lipping on all sides.
  • Original imported Heat activated intumescent smoke and fire seal strips of size
  • Interlaced with heat resistant insulation filter to prevent excessive heat and smoke from passing from one side to the other