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A fire check door is a type of door, or closure used as a passive fire protection item within buildings to prevent the spread of fire. Fire Doors are a mandatory requirement & have established acceptance in high rise buildings, commercial buildings, auditoriums, manufacturing facilities and so forth.

Khemka Timber's Tufwud® Wooden Fire Door satisfies all three criteria (STABILITY, INTEGRITY and INSULATION) and is designed by application of fire retardant technology to seasoned natural wood. It provides you with BOTH the functional and performance properties of seasoned wood AND protects you from heat, smoke and flame.
Samples of our extensive 'Tufwud' Fire Doors offering. Call us for Customized solutions.
Salient Features of Tufwud® Fire Doors
Features of a wooden door (Stain, finish & decorate as you like)(more info)
Protects from Heat, smoke and flame (fire retardant properties)
1-hr and 2-hr certified as per IS: 3614 - Part II. (more info)
Highest screw holding capacity among all fire doors.
Light - Medium Weight (unlike heavy metallic or unseasoned wooden fire doors)
Non-metallic, asbestos-free, non-hazardous & eco-friendly
Treated wood inhibits fire, insect attacks, and organic decay
Fitted with Fire resistant Plywood & Wooden lipping for easy installation & customized decor
Excellent sound insulation and acoustic properties - suitable for Auditorium, Hospitals etc.
We provide total service from fixation of frames and doors to final coating of fire retardant paint. Available in standard sizes, Customisation on special request.